Damask Rose Origin - Bulgaria

Rosa Damascena (or Damask Rose) has a long history with origins as far as Ancient Persia. In the old times, rose oil was produced through a simple, single distillation process which gave minuscule amounts of rose oil – the most desired scent in ancient times. The modern production of high quality rose oil (or rose otto) by using a double distillation method began in the 17th century.

The Rosa damascena Mill. plant was brought to Bulgaria in the early 17th century. It was planted in a special geographical region, the valley between the Balkan Mountain. Since then, Rosa Damascena oil has impacted the livelihood, culture, and traditions of Bulgarians living in the southern sub-mountain region of the Balkan Mountains that the valley is now known across the globe as The Valley of Roses.

The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena has over 280 components thanks to the special climate and soil it is grown in, which makes its aroma, longevity and intricacy extremely precious and desired by the most famous perfume brands in the world.
The favourable climate for growing Damask Rose has marked the development of the processing and perfume industries in Bulgaria, which later lead to the international denomination of Bulgaria as the Rose Country.

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